Unwanteds Book 3 Island of Fire

By Lisa McMann
The fate of Artimé is at stake—and an unlikely alliance could redeem it—in book three in the New York Times bestselling Unwanteds series.
The magical world of Artimé is gone. The Unwanteds have no food, no water, and no hope. And everyone is looking to Alex Stowe for answers.
Overwhelmed and feeling totally helpless, Alex knows it’s up to him to find a way to restore Artimé, rescue his captive friends, and free Megan from her voice-stealing necklace of thorns—three impossible tasks. But could help lie with the silent, orange-eyed newcomers?
Meanwhile, in the stark land of Quill, Alex’s twin brother Aaron continues to build his army, preparing for the ultimate showdown with the Unwanteds. But a shocking twist reveals that Alex and Aaron share a common enemy more dangerous than either could have imagined…

My Review

This book in the Unwanteds series is a stunning addition to the series. It was written so well that is seems the book is real and is so descriptive that you can feel what the characters feel. It was amazing to
read and I loved every minute of it. This series would be great for the people who love action-packed crazy amazing books.

 Just like the first two books in the series that does have some fighting in it. I would still say this book is good for 9 and up just because of the wars and magic in it.